Most Popular Tournament Types for Casinos High Rollers

In Canada, Australia, the UK, and other European countries, many high roller casinos allow their clients to participate in various tournaments. Whales can play a host of games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and so forth. Those who end up with the highest scores win lots of bonuses, money, and other prizes. Continue reading to learn more about these contests and their types.
Tournaments at High Roller Casinos

Due to The Calendar

While some casino tournaments take place repeatedly during a given period, others appear are hosted on a particular date on a one-time basis. In terms of the calendar, there are daily, weekly, monthly, and scheduled competitions. While some tourneys offer big prizes, others come with relatively small ones. Nevertheless, all of them are definitely worth noticing.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Here the variety of tournaments is enormous. When it comes to scheduling, as the names say some contests take place regularly one or even more times per day, month, or week. Take note that daily high roller tourneys propose smaller prizes as compared to others. After registering at a house, its members usually get a notification about starting and upcoming competitions. In most cases, to participate in them, they need to make at least one deposit and be real money players.
High Stake Casinos Competitions

Scheduled Competitions

Typically, these tournaments for big spenders start on a planned calendar date. If you want to try your luck in one of them, then be ready to pay an entry fee, unless you choose a freeroll contest. Generally, for a scheduled competition to go ahead, a particular number of gamblers need to apply. Normally, event planners announce the total prize pool just before the game begins.

Due to The Entry

In terms of an entrance fee, there are two types of high stake casino contests. These are free and ticket-based ones. The main difference here is that some of them are accessible for all players, and others are open only for those who have an entry pass or an invitation from a house.

Freerolls at High Stake Casinos

Sometimes events may require whales to collect a particular amount of points before they can start entertaining. However, there are also examples that are open to all players, including those who have just joined a house. Even though no entry ticket competitions rarely offer huge jackpots, the given winnings can be pretty generous. While some of them come with amazing monetary prizes, others encourage winners with attractive bonuses, holiday packages, and other gifts. So don’t miss your chances!
High Limit Casinos Tournaments

With the Entry Ticket

The majority of tournaments doesn’t allow members without an entry ticket. One can either buy or win it while gambling at a high limit casino. Some operators may also offer you a free pass or a so-called invitation as a bonus program. This type of competitions features fixed start and end time and usually present top winners with heftier monetary prizes.

Due to The Game

When it comes to the online entertainments on the offer, slots competitions are the most popular ones. Nevertheless, many houses host blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker tourneys as well. This list usually varies from one studio to another. Before participating, make sure that you understand the rules of the chosen game and know exactly what strategy to use.